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Have you filed a disability claim with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and want to make sure they know how your pain is limiting you in your work and personal life? A Long Beach social security lawyer can help you communicate how you feel.

If you are in pain from an injury or disability, your medical record should reflect that. A Long Beach social security attorney knows what information you need to provide to the SSA, which makes the decision on how much, if any, you are entitled to receive. To do this, you need to communicate the intensity of your pain and how it affects your ability to work. A Long Beach social security lawyer will gather the following and present it to the SSA:

  • Your history;
  • Your medical findings;
  • Statements from you;
  • Statements from your treating or examining doctors; and
  • Statements from other people who know about how your pain affects you.

The decision-makers at the SSA will also review your medical records and opinions from any doctors who have examined or treated you. A Long Beach social security lawyer is aware that the SSA will consider the following when evaluating your pain:

  • The cause of your pain, including what aggravates it;
  • The intensity, frequency, duration and location of the pain;
  • Your medication, including type, dosage, side effects, and effectiveness;
  • Any additional treatment besides medication;
  • Your daily activities;
  • Other restrictions and functional limitations; and
  • Other pain relief steps you take.

A Long Beach social security attorney will want you to detail the pain relief steps, including standing 15-20 minutes each hour, lying flat on your back or sleeping on a board.

Sometimes your pain is more severe than existing evidence suggests, such as arthritis and back pain. So the decision-maker does not reject your statement, a Long Beach social security lawyer makes the decision maker consider the credibility of your statements.

For more information on how to prove the severity of your pain, contact Long Beach social security lawyer Gerard A. Palma at 888-295-4955.

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