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The Los Angeles Downtown, California Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) has 6 different administrative law judges (ALJ) who conduct hearings.

  • In Los Angeles Downtown The average case processing time is 471 days.
  • In Los Angeles Downtown average for winning a Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability hearing is 40%.

The links below display detailed information on each Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) assigned to the Anchorage hearing office.

Updated on Wednesday, February 12, 2020.

City National Bank Building
606 South Olive Street
Suite 1200
Los Angeles Downtown, CA 90014

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(888) 488-0517
(213) 894-2595
(877) 394-4583
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Office Judges Average Processing Time Dispositions Per Day Per ALJ Cases Dismissed Cases Approved Cases Denied
Los Angeles Downtown, CA
6 471 days 2.02 32% 40% 28%
California 475 days 2.02 22% 44% 34%
National Average 419 days 2.02 19% 44% 37%
Hearing Wait Time 15 months
Dispositions Per Day Per ALJ 2.02
Average Processing Time 471 days
Cases Pending 2342
Dispositions 44
Hearings In Person 99%
Video Hearings 1%
Full name Dismissed Approved Denied
Judge Agatstein, David J 31% 39% 30%
Judge Gunn, Evelyn M 29% 38% 33%
Judge Marcus, David G 27% 35% 38%
Judge Moser, James L 31% 56% 13%
Judge Weir III, Alexander 36% 41% 23%
Judge Park, Sung 37% 21% 42%
Reviews about Judges at the LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWN hearing office:
To leave your own comment, select a judge from the list above and leave a comment on that judge's page.
David J Agatstein
Thursday, June 6, 2019, 11:32 am
Judge Agatstein was very pleasant and has an amazing calm spirit that allowed me open up and give my testimony about my illness. Thank you for allowing me to be heard.
Sung Park
Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 6:42 am
Jerry Ivory
Have you reached a decision
Alexander Weir III
Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 4:29 pm
Angela Preston
Judge Alexander Weir 111 is a stern, thorough,no nonsense individual. I was very pleased with the hearing.
Alexander Weir III
Saturday, September 22, 2018, 12:11 pm
LaTanya Gilchrist
This judge is a very fair judge. Good interaction with claimants.
David J Agatstein
Thursday, August 23, 2018, 4:16 pm
Judge Agatstein was very pleasant and seems genuinely concerned for me. His demeanor was agreeable and he gave me the opportunity to talk. The hearing process could have been intimidating and nerve wrecking, but judge Agatstein did his best to put me at ease.
David G Marcus
Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 12:02 pm
I want to thank Judge Marcus and his stuff for being so very pleasant. Everyone was on time and the hearing did not take long at all. Thank you all for making feel like a person and not just another case to be heard. Thank you Judge Marcus for explaining the procedure of how the hearing would take place and for making sure that I understood what was being said to me or asked. Thank you all for allowing me to explain myself to you as well. I was very Pleased with Judge Marcus and His Stuff! Thank You Again!
David G Marcus
Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 10:44 am
Judge Marcus was very nice and friendly. I was nervous going in, but he immediately made me feel very comfortable. He made sure that I understood everything that was being asked or said, and he CLEARLY explained anything that I didn't understand. He was quick and professional and let me know what the next steps would be. I was very happy with Judge Marcus.
David J Agatstein
Monday, February 20, 2017, 4:14 pm
His voice was pleasant and had an even tone.
David G Marcus
Saturday, January 21, 2017, 1:07 pm
Judge Marcus was very professional. The judge was very pleasant, explained all of the proceedings in a very friendly manner and made me feel at ease with the hearing.
Karen Wiedemann
Monday, August 10, 2015, 12:28 pm
Judge Weir III is an excellent judge if somebody is looking for his services, I highly recommend him. Ask your lawyer if is possible to have Judge Weir to take your case.
Joseph R Doyle
Sunday, July 6, 2014, 4:55 pm
i have seen this judge, but he does not go by the evidence thats in front of him such as doctors, or medical records. He wants to hear from others, that which delay everything. He teies to be fair, but fair is the eveidence thats submitted from the client doctors, noy other bootleg doctors that work for social security, they are clinic specilaist not actual doctors who work with certain patients.
Joseph R Doyle
Friday, October 4, 2013, 4:13 pm
See aforementioned comments please.
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