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The San Diego, California Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) has 14 different administrative law judges (ALJ) who conduct hearings.

  • In San Diego The average case processing time is 443 days.
  • In San Diego average for winning a Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability hearing is 40%.

The links below display detailed information on each Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) assigned to the Anchorage hearing office.

Updated on Monday, June 15, 2020.

525 B Street
8th Floor
San Diego, CA 92101

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Office Judges Average Processing Time Dispositions Per Day Per ALJ Cases Dismissed Cases Approved Cases Denied
San Diego, CA
14 443 days 1.91 20% 40% 40%
California 477 days 2.01 19% 47% 34%
National Average 416 days 2.02 17% 45% 38%
Hearing Wait Time 13 months
Dispositions Per Day Per ALJ 1.91
Average Processing Time 443 days
Cases Pending 4350
Dispositions 28
Hearings In Person 87%
Video Hearings 13%
Full name Dismissed Approved Denied
Judge Benham, Eric V 17% 47% 36%
Judge Delphey, James 29% 24% 47%
Judge Diamond, Yvette N 0% 100% 0%
Judge DiMaggio Wallis, Sandra R 25% 53% 22%
Judge Iafe, Robert 15% 52% 33%
Judge Levine, Jay E 14% 41% 45%
Judge Mueller, William K 19% 56% 25%
Judge Richardson, Michael B 28% 42% 30%
Judge Schum, Randolph E 21% 19% 60%
Judge Treblin, Howard K 17% 54% 29%
Judge Valentino, Peter J 15% 57% 28%
Judge Verne, Andrew 24% 23% 53%
Judge Zeidman, Arthur 0% 50% 50%
Judge Messer, Kevin W 19% 33% 48%
Reviews about Judges at the SAN DIEGO hearing office:
To leave your own comment, select a judge from the list above and leave a comment on that judge's page.
Jay E Levine
Thursday, January 30, 2020, 10:56 pm
Nicholas Attard
Your ruling is being challenged because the court has reason to believe I may have used? My ssi has come to rescue me from inadequate housing and lack of food and other necessities for myself. In no way does my ssi contribute to my delinquency in any form or fashion and contrary to criticism any substance abuse problems I have or may have can and will be addressed by treatment. The original diagnosis of scizo-affective disorder was correct and accurate and must be upheld. It was the correct decision all along.
Mark B Greenberg
Thursday, April 18, 2019, 12:25 am
James Delphey
Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 2:40 pm
Anthony Garcia
Eric V Benham
Friday, September 30, 2016, 1:14 pm
Victor Miranda
Judge Benham was very patient, understanding, and efficient,anyone should be so fortunate to have him hear thier case regaurdless of outcome. It took me 45 minutes, thank you sir. Very Grateful
Brian LeCours
Sunday, October 25, 2015, 1:25 pm
Sandra bates
I came prepared, I had years of documentation, my PTSD is severe...he actually said that their are lots of jobs that an handle sever mood swings, absence , not completing a days work where one. Could come and go without contact with people....industrial job....packing....his antagonistic attitude.....suicide seems to be my only option with his ruling.
Margaret Carey
Sunday, August 23, 2015, 11:13 pm
Hector Aguilar
The worst he made me go to emergency after hes dismissed, he said i have gf i should be ok, i have a open head injury he said i was fine. am gonna keep fighting for me rights
Brian LeCours
Thursday, February 12, 2015, 11:13 am
This judge is getting a score of 5 from me because he demostrated he has good common sense, sounded as one who comes prepared, who has read the brief and medical records, and very fair when proposing a solution. Thank you.
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