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SSDI Monthly Benefit in , California 

  • Average monthly benefits exceed 1,129.44
  • Average monthly benefit for a Disabled worker, spouse and one or more child exceeds 1,769.13
  • Maximum disabled worker monthly benefit may be greater than 2,533.

SSI Monthly Benefit

In addition to the Federal SSI contribution, many states provide a state supplementary payment (SSP). When an applicant is awarded SSI benefits, the payment from the Federal government includes both the federal amount and state contribution combined. For example, for a disabled single adult with independent living status living in California in 2013, the benefit is:

  • 907 maximum (includes California SSP) 1/1/09
  • 870 maximum (includes California SSP) 5/1/09
  • 850 maximum (includes California SSP) 7/1/09
  • 866.40 maximum (includes California SSP.) 7/1/13
  • 710 maximum federal payment 2013

The payment may be reduced based upon an individual’s income and resources.

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